Lands' End Feature: They Dressed Us Up

John and Jonathan Grado Outside For Lands End

Land's End saw our family's story and featured us in their American Classics series. They came, dressed us up, asked some questions, and took some photos. Appreciate it, Land's End. 

"Grado Labs in Unthinkable" - Podcast Guest

Jay Acunzo and his podcast, Unthinkable, visited Grado and we had a nice chat.

They don’t advertise, not one cent. They don’t upgrade much, using the same old equipment in the same old building. And they even make their headphones by hand.

So why are they such a success in the digital age?

It’s Unthinkable.
— Jay Acunzo; Unthinkable

A Tough One

Grado Epoch Cartridge

It's easier to go a week without pizza than it is to get a photograph of one of our Epoch cartridges. The light needs to be just right to show the contrast between the weed and the engraving. You do what you have to do though, and after two days I got something I could live with. Back to pizza.