65th Anniversary Redesign for Grado Labs

Grado Labs Brand and Packaging by High Tide NYC Headphone Box

We started working on it in our 64th year, and is now 100% completed in our 66th year, but our 65th anniversary redesign is live. This is our first project like this since 1953, so it’s kind of exciting. You can see the whole project here.

We’ll do it again in another 65 years.

Film Set 01

Buildings in Motorcycle Mirror

My New Years resolution was to not go to the gym, eat more, and try out film. My first few rolls just came back. Portra 400, Superia 400, and HP5 were used with a Canon AE-1 and Rolleiflex 3.5. Also the Rolleiflex is as fun to use as it is frustrating.

Thanks to Shelby, Lauren, Zack, Bob, Tia, Vincent, Morgan, Erika and Erick for talking film with me - I owe you a drink.